I was impressed with the unwavering level of commitment and concern UMIA and its attorney had for me from the outset of the claim through the end of trial. Both fought hard every step of the way to secure a jury verdict in my favor. I was an active participant in the process from start to finish and felt UMIA had my best interest at heart. The jury returned its verdict in less than one hour of deliberations.

– Rodrick D. McKinlay, MD
General Surgeon

UMIA…never wavered in their commitment to defend the case and support my care. [They] provided me with legal counsel who was responsive, kept me informed of all developments and provided a strong defense. They stood by me…and got the case dismissed.

– E. William Parker, MD
Obstetrician / Gynecologist

I’m with UMIA because I was faced with having no access to medical liability insurance when my previous carrier, Aetna, pulled out of the market suddenly in 1981 because they perceived that there was no money to be made in med-mal insurance in Montana. UMIA, seeing our dilemma, developed a program for Montana physicians which filled that need and was very fair. Since then, they have been there for us and are committed to insuring Montana physicians as long as that need is there.

After having gone through a medical liability claim personally, I believe the defense counsel that UMIA provides is the best available in Montana, and feel very strongly that the claim investigators on staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would never even consider another company to trust my insurance needs to.

– Ron Miller, MD
Family Practice

Participating as a Board member for UMIA allows me to have the greatest impact in my professional career on the quality of healthcare being delivered in the states of Utah, Montana and Idaho.

– Bob Whipple, MD
General Surgeon

I’m with UMIA because I know the company has my back. I have been through two very stressful malpractice lawsuits over the years and UMIA has supported and guided me above and beyond all of my expectations.

– Mark Shockey, MD
Pulmonary Medicine

Thank you for your very helpful office assessment. You brought to the forefront what we are doing right and offered options to consider. There was no down side to this. It was very supportive and confirming to hear we were doing so much right! The ideas and suggestions you left with us have already been implemented. And it was free! It’s good to know you are there for any questions going forward.

– Western Neurological Associates, Utah

This free service provided by UMIA was very efficiently done and presented in a very constructive manner. I found the questions asked very helpful and thought provoking. Although I was encouraged to find that we were doing many things well, I was also led to consider some aspects of our practice that I had not previously been concerned about with regard to loss prevention. Valuable insight was offered and very pertinent suggestions will be easy to implement and will be beneficial to the overall practice. We appreciate UMIA’s willingness to provide this valuable service at no charge to its clients. It is reassuring to know that UMIA is always available to answer any questions we might have.

– Office Manager, Cheyenne Women's Clinic

Thank you so much for coming by to perform an office assessment for Montana Cancer Specialists. We appreciate the time you spent looking over things in our office. This is a great service and makes us feel assured that we are following the right paths to protect our patient’s privacy as well as keeping our good systems in place to lower our risk. It was great to visit with both of you again. Thanks so much.

– Montana Cancer Specialists