Common Factors™ Magazine

Coverage of cutting-edge topics in patient safety and risk education 

Common Factors™ is our risk and patient safety magazine. Available online, Common Factors™ delves into cutting-edge, complex risk prevention topics relevant to medical professionals in their everyday work lives. Each issue has a focus, and the articles help to provide the latest thinking and best practices, plus malpractice claims analysis, opinions, and more on the chosen topic.

Common Factors™


Fall – The Surgery Issue

Summer – The Senior Living Issue


Fall – The Trial of Claims


Spring – Leading in Health Care

Brink Magazine – Past topics have included Communication, Telemedicine, The Opioid Dilemma and Improving the Diagnostic Process.


Winter Issue – Healthy Care Teams

  • Factor of Me
  • Culturally Speaking
  • Are Physicians an Endangered Species?
  • Joy to the Work
  • Belonging, Together


Spring/Summer Issue – Communication: To the Heart of the Matter

  • Can We Talk?
  • When News Isn’t Good
  • No Longer Lost in Translation
  • Citizen Jurors
  • Are We Trending?

Fall/Winter Issue – The Call for Telemedicine

  • A Prescription for What Ails Health Care?
  • Inside a Midwestern Telemedicine Hub
  • Keeping Care Local
  • Back to Basics
  • Standard of Care
  • Montana Embraces Medicine


Summer Issue – The Opioid Dilemma

  • Rethinking Pain Management
  • One Treatment Does Not Fit All
  • Health Professionals & Opioid Addition
  • When You Need to Say No

Spring Issue – Improving the Diagnostic Process

  • A 12-Step Diagnostic Process of Care Framework
  • When a Cough Isn’t Just a Cough
  • Engaging the Patient Early
  • Debugging EHR Factors
  • Opening Up
  • Senior Living: Communicating Acute Change of Condition
  • Meditations on Medicine


Fall Issue

  • Advanced Practice Providers
  • 3 Strategies to Support APP’s and Reduce Risks
  • Culture Shift: Leading Through Collaboration
  • APPs as Part of the Solutions
  • Claim Review: Communication Breakdown

Summer Issue – Consent & Communication

  • Consent & Communication
  • The cost of Misunderstandings
  • Informed Consent: More than a Signature
  • Where Communication Breaks Down
  • Reducing risks Associated with Your EHR
  • Claim review: Failure to obtain Informed consent

Spring Issue – The patient experience

  • Violence in the workplace
  • Denial doesn’t help
  • Managing abusive patients
  • Compassion fatigue and disruptive behavior
  • HR policies to help weed out troublemakers
  • A patient’s vengeance claim review

Winter Issue – Surgery

  • How’s your social IQ!
  • How old is “too old” to practice?
  • Successful pre-op conversations
  • Lessons learned from a wrong-site surgery
  • Claim review: preeclampsia undiagnosed and untreated


Summer Issue – Outpatient risks

  • A rare glimpse of risks in the outpatient setting.
  • Your willingness to empathize can help — or hinder — a patient’s emotional healing.
  • Health care stats and facts.
  • What are the risks associated with advanced practice providers?
  • Root cause analysis as a tool for clinics.
  • The value of a formalized peer review process
  • Improving patient safety by asking for feedback.

Spring Issue – The patient experience

  • How we can improve access to care.
  • Learning from our own experience as patients.
  • Apologies and their impact on the patient experience.
  • Doctor-patient relationships and the EHR.
  • Engaging patients through technology.
  • Health care stats and facts.
  • Be ready to support those suffering from the unsettling events.

Winter Issue – Getting through a malpractice suit

  • Facing a medical malpractice suit.
  • Overcoming barriers between doctors and patients.
  • Doctors say a little of both
  • Complying with ever-changing regulations.
  • Health care stants and facts.