Preventing and Reducing Falls: Using senior living malpractice claim data to guide changes

Analyzing malpractice claim data is an excellent tool for revealing gaps in health care processes that can harm residents. When these gaps are identified, we can then devise strategies targeted to reduce injury in these specific areas.

In this webinar, we will report what we learned from our senior living claim analysis and outline strategies to help senior living organizations prepare their care teams to more effectively manage resident fall risk factors, optimize workflow, reduce fall-related injuries and advance business results.

This webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

  1. List the most frequent and expensive malpractice allegations made against senior living organizations.
  2. Identify that failure to ensure resident safety-primarily falls-was the most frequent and costly allegation made against senior living organizations.
  3. Differentiate the causes and contributing factors of breakdowns in care processes, teamwork and systems that lead to resident injury, malpractice claims and poor business performance.
  4. Implement a comprehensive falls prevention program to reduce resident injury and malpractice claims and improve business performance.

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