Our History

Our History

There are other companies that provide medical malpractice insurance. What makes us different is how we came to be and what we continue to stand for.

Utah Medical Insurance Association (UMIA) was born out of necessity in 1978 when all commercial “for profit” insurance providers discontinued medical liability coverage in Utah. In order to provide a source of liability coverage sensitive to the needs of its members, approximately 800 physicians across the state formed an insurance exchange that was the beginning of UMIA. In 2013, after 35 years of providing stable, physician-owned and directed liability coverage in Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, UMIA joined MMIC, became a member of the Constellation mutual holding company, and was renamed UMIA Insurance, Inc. Together, we continue to empower caregivers to provide the best medical care possible while promoting safety and minimizing risk.

More than just a liability insurance company, we’re concerned about and committed to patient safety through good practice and education. We all benefit by protecting, defending and rewarding those who advance the practice of good medicine. Our communities benefit through better health care and you’re able to practice medicine the way you want.

Because we actively support legislative issues that affect physicians and their practices in the states where we do business, many physicians have found the most direct way to make a positive impact on the medical community is by being involved with UMIA.

UMIA, we’re more than just an insurance company; we’re your partner.