Cyber Solutions®

Protect your business with a comprehensive suite of cyber solutions

Cyber Solutions® is a comprehensive suite of data security and privacy insurance solutions that covers you and your reputation in the event of cyber threats—including everything from privacy and security breaches to cyber crime, extortion, PCI DSS assessments, multimedia liability, and much more.

$100,000 in coverage is provided as an endorsement to your MPLI policy, with the option to purchase up to $10,000,000 in coverage. With no deductible, coverage includes both third-party liability claims as well as first-party (direct) costs incurred in the event of a privacy breach.

Your coverage also grants you unlimited access to CyberNET®, a valuable online loss prevention tool that includes valuable courses on the latest cyber threats and best practices, plus risk management tools and compliance materials to help you stay current and bolster your data security practices.

Coverage Includes:

$100,000 Cyber Extortion Limit

$100,000 Cyber Terrorism Limit

$100,000 Multimedia Liability Limit

$100,000 Network Asset Protection Limit

$100,000 Security and Privacy Liability Limit

$100,000 Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties Limit

$100,000 Voluntary Notification Expenses Sublimit

$100,000 BrandGuard® (NEW IN 2017)

$100,000 PCI DSS Assessment Limit (NEW IN 2017)

$50,000 Medefense® Plus (NEW IN 2017)

$25,000 Cyber Crime (NEW IN 2017)


Combined aggregate limits are based on the number of physicians on the policy as of the effective date of coverage.

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Cyber Solutions® policyholders get access to CyberNET®, a website with an abundance of tools and resources, including:

Sample policies and best practice guidelines

Training modules and webinars

Guidance for handling data breaches

Quarterly newsletters and instant alerts