Optimize Coverage

Optimize Coverage

Coverage without compromise that’s both dependable and flexible to meet the specific needs of your practice.  That’s our promise.

In addition to professional liability coverage, all of our policies include additional coverages such as No Fault and e-MD.


The cornerstone of what we do is protecting you so you can practice medicine the way you choose. Our underwriters will work with you so your policy meets the needs of your practice.


You may name a professional corporation, limited liability company or partnership entity on your individual policy at no additional charge.


Additional peace of mind at no additional cost. The coverages listed below are included with your medical liability policy. For coverage limits, see your policy or call a UMIA underwriter.

No Fault Coverage

The flexibility to help patients if they have an issue will often discourage the filing of a liability claim. This coverage reimburses reasonable medical expenses incurred by patients if they contend that your treatment, failure to treat, or an injury caused by your office caused them extra medical expenses. This benefit is available regardless of fault and doesn’t count against you as a claim.

Employment Practices Coverage

Reimburses your legal defense expenses against employee allegations of discrimination, harassment, or inappropriate employment conduct.

Medefense® Plus

Protects your reputation by covering legal expenses to defend you against disciplinary proceedings. Examples include: state licensing authority, professional review organization, state or national department of health, or alleged HIPAA violations.


If your patients’ personal information is compromised by unauthorized access, we will pay defense costs, the judgment amount and fines if there is a violation of state or national regulations. We also reimburse the costs of notifying your patients in the event of a breach of information. If necessary, we will pay for credit monitoring for all affected persons. Data recovery costs are also covered.

Premises Coverage

An accident at your professional office that causes injury or property damage will be covered up to your loss limit for the amount you are legally obligated to pay.


Make sure you’re still covered if you choose to cancel your policy. The tail coverage endorsement protects you from claims filed after your policy is canceled.


If you’ve been insured with us for five years or more and you’re 50 or older, we will provide tail coverage at no additional premium upon retirement from the full-time practice of medicine.


Eliminate the need to purchase tail coverage from your previous provider. We will protect you against claims filed against you for medicine practiced prior to your policy with us. If you are practicing medicine in the UMIA coverage area and are switching coverage, call us to find out if you are eligible.