Wellbeing and Resilience

Your health and wellbeing is just as important as the health of your patients. At UMIA, we see the stress, long hours, paperwork, and near-impossible schedules that physicians and health care teams endure on a daily basis. We’re committed to supporting physicians and other health care professionals in their efforts to be healthy and stay connected to their personal and professional mission and purpose.

54.1% of physicians say they experience at least one of the following symptoms of burnout: emotional exhaustion, feelings of depersonalization, or a low sense of personal accomplishment. 
Mayo Clinic

To be well means to have good physical and mental health. But wellbeing is a broader, more holistic concept that refers to the balance of your mind, body and spirit. And resilience is the ability to bounce back quickly from adversity.

Resilient, healthy clinicians are more productive, more positive, and give safer care 

There’s a link between the wellbeing of health care clinicians and patient safety. When not managed effectively, high levels of personal and professional stress can lead to burnout. And burnout can lead to ineffective teamwork, medical errors, poor communication, patient dissatisfaction and preventable adverse outcomes. Not only can it affect patient experience and safety, it can also affect your reputation, recruitment, and retention.

That’s why we created the WellBeing Center—to give policyholders access to a broad range of relevant and timely resources tailored specifically to health care professionals. The road to wellbeing isn’t always easy, but we’re committed to helping you get there.


Get access to several short self-assessments that can help you recognize unhealthy patterns of behavior or thinking that can lead to burnout or other issues if not addressed. Most take five minutes or less, and can help you identify a starting point and resources to get the help you need to take care of yourself and improve your wellbeing. Quizzes and questionnaires cover topics such as anxiety and depression, stress levels, substance abuse, holistic health and wellness, and work-life balance.

Courses, conferences and retreats

Our WellBeing Center includes a list of recommended retreats, courses and conferences dedicated to promoting wellbeing among health care provider and staff, so you and your teams can find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.

Books, audio downloads and videos

Find a continually-updated selection of resources, including:

  • CDs on mindfulness, healthy sleep, and stress relief
  • Books on improving your relationships, becoming more self-aware, and finding your purpose in life
  • Videos on empathy, releasing yourself from shame, gratitude, and tai chi

Visit often—our WellBeing Center offers an abundance of relevant and timely resources, all in one convenient place for you.

Support communities

Let us connect you to support groups, online communities, and substance abuse intervention resources by state.

  • Support groups
  • Online communities
  • Diversion programs