Data Analytics

Our team is digging deeper, so you get insights and strategies customized for you

Our data analytics team can help you make data-informed decisions, so your actions and strategies become proactive vs. reactive. We leverage a powerful analytics platform specific for mining comprehensive malpractice risk intelligence from our medical professional liability claims through our membership in Harvard-based CRICO Strategies’ Comparative Benchmarking System (CBS). CBS is a national collaborative whose members contribute approximately one third of the malpractice claims submitted to the National Practitioner Data Bank.

Because our claims are classified using CRICO’s advanced clinical coding taxonomy, which has been developed and refined over 40 years, we can pinpoint actionable patient safety insights and risk mitigation strategies.

Leverage our risk intelligence and peer benchmarking to strengthen patient safety

Our analytics team works closely with our risk and patient safety experts to analyze claims data for valuable insights and more:

  • Identification of hidden areas of clinical vulnerability and financial loss
  • Benchmark comparisons between peers
  • Drill-downs into areas of vulnerability to gain a deeper understanding of causal factors
  • Data-informed risk interventions and actionable risk mitigation strategies
  • Customized reports are available to policyholders with adequate UMIA claims history