How do I establish an individual UMIA policy?

It’s easy. Our Application page will guide you through the process step by step and help you take care of the needs of your practice. You’ll need to complete an Individual Application and email, mail or fax the completed application to UMIA. If you are interested in a premium quote, please call the Underwriting Department at 800.748.4380.

How do I add an ancillary, set up a corporate policy or arrange coverage for a locum tenens?

Please see steps 4 and 5 on our Application page.

Who is covered under my policy?

Your UMIA policy covers RNs and MAs employed by your practice.

In order to add a physician assistant, nurse practitioner, certified nurse midwife or certified registered nurse anesthetist, please complete the Application for Additional Named Insured Ancillary Personnel.

How do I cancel my UMIA policy?

In order to cancel your UMIA policy, please provide written instructions, including your last day of coverage, via mail, fax or email. The policy will be cancelled at 12:01 AM on the following business day. The premium for Tail Coverage is due within 60 days of the effective cancellation date.

If you have any other questions related to your policy, please call 800.748.4380. An underwriter will be happy to help you.


I've had an incident that may lead to a claim against me. Do I need to let UMIA know?

Yes! Notifying UMIA right away after an indicator of a potential claim is the best way to protect yourself. A claim investigator will create a file based on the information that you provide. The information will be kept on record if a formal claim should arise.

I received a subpoena to testify in a proceeding, do I need an attorney?

In some cases you will need the assistance of any attorney, but not always. Please contact UMIA to discuss the specific situation. If an attorney is necessary, UMIA will provide one free of cost.

I have been contacted by an attorney to discuss patient care I provided, but no lawsuit has been filed. What should I do?

We highly recommend speaking with a UMIA claim investigator before contacting or discussing the case with the attorney. We will provide guidance as to how to deal with the situation.

A patient has requested his or her records, what do I need to obtain from him or her?

You may release the records to the patient or a legal representative who has a properly executed release form. A records request is generally not a cause for concern, unless one or more of the indicators of a potential claim is present. If that’s the case, contact us immediately.

How long should I keep my records?

We suggest that you keep your records for at least seven years. If the patient is a minor, we suggest that you keep the records until he or she turns 20. If obstetrical care is rendered, we suggest that you keep the records for 10 years after the delivery date.


My invoice is going to the wrong address. How do I fix that?

Please call UMIA at 800.748.4380 and ask for the Underwriting department. Please indicate that you are calling to change your billing address.

What are UMIA's payment options?

UMIA offers four payment options: annual, semiannual, quarterly and monthly.