Crisis Communications Consulting

Be prepared to protect your reputation and strengthen community ties

Saying the right thing at the right time is critical in times of adverse events and unanticipated situations. Our crisis consultants—media and reputation experts at Padilla—are here and ready to help you communicate with the media, employees, patients and the community.

Media relations

We partner with leading crisis communications consultants at Padilla, who can help prepare you for a plan of response well before a crisis occurs. Learn how to respond to media inquiries in a timely and professional manner that supports the best interests of your organization’s reputation, business operations, and legal position.

If an adverse event occurs at your practice or health care organization, you may receive media inquiries before your organization is prepared to answer questions. Perhaps you’re gathering information about what happened or maybe your management team needs to discuss the matter before responding to media. Having an established media protocol in place to manage crisis communications is essential.

Spokesperson training

For any reported event or claim, one of our crisis consultants can coach a spokesperson for your organization on what to say and how to handle the situation. For example, it may be that a well-known person who was treated at your facility died. Even when no claim is expected to be made, it’s important to be properly prepared to answer questions and address issues for the media and your community.

Consultation for communicating with patients

Complaints, miscommunications, medical errors and adverse events can affect both patient safety and your reputation. Our experienced consultants help you address issues early, document details, or offer Apology and Communication, if warranted. Our goal is to help you prevent or resolve situations quickly to minimize your risk and create better patient outcomes.