Claim Services

You give your best for your patients; we give our best for you

At UMIA, we are committed to defending good medicine. Our priorities are protecting your reputation and avoiding cost-of-defense settlements. We tailor our wide range of services to fit your exact claim needs, and we involve our policyholders at every turn, from investigation to resolution and everything in between.

Our claim services range from addressing unanticipated events to defending claims and lawsuits. We evaluate all cases carefully—choosing just the right experts and partnering with experienced medical malpractice law firms in each state—in order to provide you the best defense possible. As a result, we consistently prevail on most cases taken to trial.

Legal action

In the event you are served with a lawsuit, receive a letter from an attorney stating that a claim is being made on behalf of a patient, or are contacted by a licensing board or regulatory agency stating an investigation has commenced, the first step is filling out our user-friendly claim form. A UMIA claims services team member will be in touch promptly to assist you with next steps.

Physician Advisory Council

Our claim consultants work closely with UMIA’s Physician Advisory Council (PAC) to review, analyze and evaluate the care provided. PAC members include legal advisors and physicians from multiple specialties who lend their medical expertise to help our claim services team more fully understand the aspects of the case.

Apology and Communication

If appropriate for your situation, we can coach you on the best ways to apologize to and have conversations with those who potentially have been harmed. Whether a claim is filed or not, an apology of regret can be a powerful and essential component in the healing process for patients, families, and providers alike.

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Easy reporting of claims and events

We encourage you to intervene early, by reporting events that would benefit from early discussion with a risk and patient safety consultant or claim consultant, to determine if defense counsel should be retained or an independent expert review is needed. Policyholders have one-touch access to our claim form. It’s a user-friendly form that only takes minutes to complete. You simply check whether it’s a potential claim or an active claim, and in seconds, the form goes directly to the claim services staff.

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