We know that your business concerns extend far beyond MPL insurance. There are new reimbursement models to evaluate, heightened patient expectations to meet, and a ceaseless tide of legislation to navigate – all of which present both significant opportunities and substantial risks for you.

Together, UMIA, a member of the Constellation family of companies, and CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA) – one of the country’s leading health care professional services firms – want to help you chart a bolder, more confident course through these challenges and transform complexity into opportunity. Whether your immediate focus is revenue cycle enhancement, workflow redesign, fee schedule analysis, or implementation of a much-needed IT upgrade, we can help.

Revenue Cycle Assessment and Improvement

Embrace the revenue cycle as a tool to address cash flow and profitability. With CLA’s help, you can identify the source of any problems and develop strategies for improvement.

  • Collecting revenue and managing work flow processes
  • Employee engagement
  • Reduction in payer reimbursement and complex billing requirements
  • Meeting coding and documentation requirements
  • Implementing new technology (e.g. PM and EMR systems)
  • Increased cost of managing denials
  • Capturing changes for provided services
  • Managing patient receivables by shifting to consumer-driven health care and high deductible plans

Understanding the whole revenue cycle can feel daunting. CLA helps clients identify opportunities for process and revenue improvement in several core areas including:

  • Registration
  • Patient encounter
  • Revenue capture (data collection, billing, and chargemaster review)
  • Coding
  • Business office (pre- and post-payment services including denial management and collections)

We want all our customers to operate at their highest level.

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Implement Strategic Planning Decisions with CLA Intuition®

CLA Intuition® is an interactive financial modeling process that helps health care and senior living organizations explore the impacts of various financial decisions by reviewing key performance indicators under multiple scenarios projected over time.

CLA Intuition® dashboards enable you to quickly gain actionable insights into normally complex areas like:

  • Overall system-level financial planning
  • Medical staff development planning
  • ACO and risk-based payment models
  • Health care reform models
  • Health care exchange models
  • Medical home payment models
  • Bundled payment models

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