Timeliness, transparency and honesty are key to successful communication around adverse events 

We help you talk to your physicians and other clinicians on how to share sensitive information with clarity, transparency, and compassion. We want you to feel prepared, confident yet thoughtful, and non-defensive when you answer questions or have conversations about the event. It’s important to address these events in a timely and responsible manner; you may receive questions internally and from patients and family.

If the investigation or analysis reveals that the standard of care was not met and harm to a patient resulted, it’s important to promptly talk to patients and families about next steps, provide them with the support they need, and keep them in the loop until the situation is resolved. We can work with you to help you prepare for these critical conversations.

Apology and Communication

Mistakes are an inevitable reality of being human, and the way health care clinicians and staff approach and handle these mistakes is fundamental to maintaining respectful, trusting and open relationships with patients.

If appropriate for your situation, we can coach you on the best ways to apologize and have conversations with those who potentially have been harmed. An apology of regret can be a powerful and essential component in the healing process for patients, families and clinicians alike. The goal is to do the right thing so that all parties feel good about how the situation was handled. Thus, the devastation is minimized, as much as possible, and healing can begin for all involved.

At UMIA, we believe that by working together, and communicating openly and honestly, we can learn from our mistakes and provide better health care for all.

Crisis Communications

If it is determined that media is or may potentially get involved, we can help you get a referral to our crisis communication experts.

HR Consulting

If relevant, we can help identify situations in which expert human resource (HR) consultation is needed. Through an arrangement with WJ Flynn and Associates, LLC, we offer our policyholders two free hours of HR consulting when risk management issues include employees.

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